A Poem’s Birth

A Poem’s Birth

A Pen stroke here,

A pencil mark there,

And here I sit—

Lost in thought,

Lost in imagination,

Lost in another world.


I watch my hand flow

Over page, under words

Thoughts and dreams

Coming true.

With each stroke

I write, my Heart Soars


Beyond the confines of

This World, Body, and



Beyond the Soul,

Beyond the Pen,

Pencil, and Quill.


Then I sit back and say

There, it is finished.


March 15, 2010



4 thoughts on “A Poem’s Birth

  1. rachellijewski April 18, 2011 / 17:30

    My heart soars when I write as well.

    For a moment slips away
    And with it so do I

    The world outside will stay
    As I leave to touch the sky

    With every ‘S’s curl, and every ‘T’s hard line
    I’m gone a little further to the world inside my mind

    • Poetria April 19, 2011 / 00:23

      Within this world, this world of mine,
      All seems at peace, all seems well
      For a moment in time,

      Here I stay and here I write
      The tales this night
      Bringing light to this world of mine

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