Creatures of Shadow

Creatures of Shadow

Though Trees are still, the Wind runs silently,
Shadow deep, and stars far: comes a sound–
haunting call, a bone chilling revelry.
Waking the night with slow fading cold fright.

Rustle rustle– shapes move ‘bove white ground.
Rustle rustle– Wraiths break forth from twilight.

In silence they move forward, in quick bound,
then stop, A black abyss against moon light;
Waiting waiting…. till ‘nother haunting call sounds
’round frozen tree limbs, ringing quietly.

The Beasts answer with eerie ancient might.
With Moon’s guidance, the beasts race silently
‘low ancient branches, ‘yon sight and hearing–
Leaving for us the wolves’ silent passing

May ??, 2008


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