Up into the skies they rise

Among thunderous claps and mighty roars

The Lords of Fire and War rise

On wings of red, green, and gold

‘Round and ‘round they go

Higher and higher

Till only a faintly heard roar

Mark their presence high ‘bove

Those that stay behind

Watch their guardians rise

Their armor glinting like gems

Their skin flashing like star light

Onward now they go

In waves of ten and twenty

Their blades are sheathed

But their teeth are bare

Riders are calm before the battle

Their Mounts ache for blood

Upon their beast shine their device

With their palm they hold their blade

Five leagues pass beneath their wings

Till the soft rolling lands

Rise into hard mountains

And the sun burns red as the day ends

Ahead roars are heard

Specks of thirty and fifty

Swiftly come over mountains

Bright flicks of light appear

Five leagues pass again

The specks grow to giants

And their riders’ call can be heard

‘Round and round they all go

Around the crown of mountain tops

The sides draw near together

Riders draw their blades

Mounts’ hearts beat harder

‘Round and round the darkening sky

They wheel about

Teeth flash in the dying light

With their voices shake the mountains

Their riders wave their blades

As light finally fades

And clouds raise their heads

As spectators to a fight

With a sudden blast,

Lighting forks across the sky

Between the two, a single line is drawn

In its wake, thunder quakes

With one beat, the dragons dive

With one move, the riders strike

With one sweep, the battle starts

With one sound, the storm joins

Captain against captain

Chief against chief

Iron against iron

Fire against fire

In the dying light of the ending day

In the dark of the storm’s wake

The ancient and the young

Fight side by side

Between the fork tongues

Of storm’s terrible wrath

Mighty beast die

Young warriors become old

Down in steep dives

Do the predators fly

To catch their fleeing prey

Ever gaining, ever hunting

Around the mountain peaks

Beneath ancient stones

Through forgotten canyons

Beneath the storm’s wrath

Rising high in quick beats

The hunted evade their enemies

Twisting and turning through air

The hunted become hunters

Ceasing their rise,

They turn to fight

Eye to eye,

Snout to Snout

They face one another

The hunted and the hunter

Riders make no move

Mounts make no sound

Slowly as one,

Blades are raised high

Wings are stretched out

Like great and deadly gods

Twin tongues of flame

Flash out like the lighting all around

Like rivers of lava in the night air

They meet in a fiery clash

Round and round

The two swing around

Their deadly breathe

Becoming their deadly dance

The wind hollows

The lightning falls

Still the fire burns bright

Up and down, round and round

They fall as one giant

Like mighty fiery stones

The giants fall to the ground

Their masters scream their call

Upon the ground

The monsters land

The mountains crack

And the earth shatters

The two charge on foot

In a clash that splits the rocks

In a clash that torches the ground

The dragons meet

Tails swing like clubs

And claws tear flesh

Jets of fire burns the air

The roars deafen all who are near

Their masters lash when they can

Twisting and turning

Seeking the points where blades can bite

Slicing wings and eyes

A sudden turn by one

And the upper hand is gained

With a swift strike

The neck is broken

The two fall to the ground

The rider cut in two

The mount slowly dying

The battle won

With a head raised high

With body lifted on hind legs

A victory call is loosed

As five lightning strikes all around

With that said and done

He and his master rise again

Into the sky they fly

To join their comrades once again

The storm breaks, its fury spent

The moon shone through the pale clouds

The distant thunder mark fading lightning

The clouds retreat and the stars awake

All below fires mark the grave of the dead

The ten and twenty

Now number four and twelve

Yet the battle is theirs

They turn slowly back

To home and hearth

No joyous sound is heard

Only the lamentations for the fallen

The mountains retreat into the earth

Becoming fields of grass

The night stars slowly wheel down

The old warriors touch down

Fellow warriors and loved ones

Greet the weary guardians

Another battle fought

Another day secured

April 14, 2011


2 thoughts on “Guardians

  1. Servant April 17, 2011 / 00:17

    I like this a lot. This is good stuff. One suggestion is to break this up into three different posts. Keep writing, you have great potential!

    • Poetria April 17, 2011 / 07:48

      Thank you; I will keep your suggestion in mind.

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