The Last Words of the Executed

The Last Words of the Executed

Our births were not planned

We were not wanted

We were not expected

Our light was snuffed out

Before we could shine

Our voices were silenced

Before our words could be heard

We were murdered

We were inconvenient

We were abandoned

But We will be heard again

From beside the bones of Able,

We will cry out

From depths of the dark storms

We will howl and we will weep

Our cry will rise from the grave

A quiet voice from beyond

Lost among the howls of the wind

A sudden thunder in the sky

The fleeting flash of fire

Across the night’s sky

Marking our passing

Yet we do not raise our cry

To torment those who chose

But rather to stop this attack

On our fellows

Feb 24, 2011


2 thoughts on “The Last Words of the Executed

  1. Rachel Lijewski April 22, 2011 / 11:11

    :O I really like this! Nice rhythm, nice word choice. A+!

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