Goodbye Goodbye Until Next Time

Goodbye Goodbye Until Next Time


Good bye dear friend

Good bye dear home

The end of the year has come.

I walk across the lawn

Where I played ball

On the weekend

Underneath the leaves of Fall

I walk on the bridge

Where beneath the full moon

I held my friend close

And gather my courage

And asked her out

I walk past your stadium,

Now a barren place

Yet I can faintly hear

The cheers we yelled

I pass the cafeteria

Where I watched a food fight

Where I watched my friend propose

Where I heard classes were cancelled

I walk your lonely halls

Empty now of your students.

I hear the echoes fading away

Of students who laughed and played

Within your lecture halls

I walk through your old dorms

Once filled with studying students.

Once filled with mischievous students

Now empty, empty of students.

Only the memories fill the halls

Like ghost from a distant time

I can almost reach out

And relive the memory

But they fade away

I brush the walls, and feel the dent

Where we tried to shoot a cannon ball

I see the dark stain on the floor

Where the soda over flowed

I look to see where the light was broken

And where we graffiti the wall

The light still hangs loose

And the fresh paint mark the place

All bring a smile to my face

And a heavy weight to my heart

Soon, all too soon I will leave this place

I turn away from the past

And grab my bags

I cast one last look at my room

And walk out the door to my future

But it is only a hundred days

Till I return, till I come back

A hundred days I wait

Till I come home again

Till I hear the halls filled once more

Till I study in my dorm again

Till again I leave my mark upon this place

So I will say this one last time:

Goodbye goodbye until next time

April 29, 2011


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