Lightning and Me


So last night, during a storm build up over my home, I was outside trying to get a shot of a lightning bolt. I realized that life is much like waiting for the perfect thunderbolt to go across the sky and capture it.

We look ahead of us trying to seize the moment, to get ahead in life. We go from “lightning strike” to “lightning strike” (or achievement to achievement) but we never truly take the moment and consider the time between the lightning strikes, the journey we’ve taken. To me, the journey is just as important for we become who we are by the steps we take.

The lighting I did see also reminded me how fleeting our awards and achievements can be. Dazzling? Yes but it is still short, no matter what the achievement. We can always remember what we (or what others have done) and seek to go beyond or learn from the mistakes that were made.

— Poetria


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