The Stars, May 29, 2011


The Stars


The stars, the stars

They twinkle in the night

Soft points of light

In the night sky


Such quiet presence

In the bright of day

Their glory hidden

In the light of day


The hours pass by

Till the sky darkens

A planet rises

A silent herald


Then one by one

The stars they wake

Till one by one

They fill the night


They cover the heavens

From north to south

From east to west

An endless sea


Such gems they are

White stones in the sky

Some hard, some soft

Some whole galaxies


Their number is unknown

Their stories untold

They wheel about

Like graceful dancers


The night wears on

Minute by minute

The stars dance on

To music unheard


Like a great ballet

They move across the stage

In slow moving grace

Till the east brightens


Then like a slow reverse

The stars bow graceful

And leave the stage

Until only one remains


May 29, 2011


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