The Storm Overhead

The Storm Overhead

The Thunder Crackles

The Lightning Flashes

Sounds of war in the heavens

What a dazzling sight to see

What mighty power

Dancing across the sky

What a thrilling sound to hear

What terrible roar

Echoing across the sky

Flash and crackle

Lighting strikes

At the ground

At the sky

Crackle and flash

Thunder follows close behind

Far at first

Then near at hand

Fear grips me

Then awe holds me

What power

What ancient might

The rain falls

Like thousands of gems

The wind swirls pass

Like wild stallions

The Thunder roars

The Lightning burns

The storm rages on

Flash Flash Flash

Triple lightning across the sky

One long continuous roar

Soon all too soon

The crash of fire and drums passes by

Leaving silence in its wake

June 21, 2011


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