Three photos, two thoughts, one day


Today I went to the top of my dorm building to take photos of an amazing sunset (located at the bottom of the post) while I was on break from homework. While I was taking the photos, two thoughts flew through my mind. First, seeing tonight’s sunset revealed to me just great a flame our star is. We often see the sun as a large light in the sky. Oh we know that it a ball of fire but for intents and purposes, it is a massive light bulb that we can’t control. But to see with one’s own eyes the fire being reflected across the heaven’s sky is a thought provoking moment.

Which lead to my next thought. Time is the destroyer of man’s work. (And this line of thought sprung from the structures in my photos) Man has built great monuments, achieved amazing wonders. He has built a structure so large that it can be seen from space. Man has created wonders that caused riots and made tears flow freely. His structures defy the laws of nature and his knowledge grows with each passing year


Yet those monuments will fall to ruin and be a tourist’s ten second focus point. Those music pieces will eventually be forgotten and the works of art will lose their potency with time. The next generation will pass their predecessors and the great minds of before will be the history footnotes of the younger generation.The mighty buildings of old will crumble to dust and the words spoken will die as fast as they were spoken.

However, the stars in the heavens stand in silence and capture the wonder of all who gaze upon them. The cells of all living things continue to surprise and amaze scientists.

I guess tonight’s sunset makes me try to write and draw something that will weather the passing of time as a flower does in its season. Eventually it will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes but for a time, perhaps my work can influence the next generation.

Write to have meaning,



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