Portals and Puddles

I was walking to pick up the mail after a small rain had fallen. I had happened to look down and I notice the small puddles on the pavement and the water was reflecting the tree limbs above it. It made me think of the puddles not as water but doorways into other worlds.

Thinking of puddles as doors made me think of how a writer works. A writer sees a chair or a cup and is inspired to writes a story. For example, a random blank page inspired Tolkien to write his famous story The Hobbit. That story then exists in its own world. Star Wars exists in a “galaxy, far far away” or King Arthur living in Medieval England and, of course, Bilbo Baggins running down the lawn with a handkerchief in Middle Earth.

So the next time you see a bird or a cup and something pops in your mind, go jump through the puddle and write it down!

— Poetria



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