The Doctor

NOTE: The following poem was inspired while I was watching the British television show “Doctor Who” (insert fireworks and fanfare here). So read on and enjoy!

The Doctor

Over nine centuries old

Eyes that see the past, present, and future

A face that changes in flames of time

A minute in a blue box, a million outside


Alone in the universe for all of time

He saves those he can

A penitence for his deed


He falls though time

The last of the Time Lords

Nemesis of the Daleks

The Lonely god


Now and then

He stretches out his hand

To a child of the earth


Take his hand and run forever

Take his hand and run across the stars

Take his hand and fly beyond your dreams

But to no avail, you can never run forever


Across the years, across the stars

He runs and runs and

His TARDIS his home

His life lived alone


Against the Daleks

Against the Cybermen

Against the Silence


Victory after victory

Time and again

But not everyone lives


The Lord of Time

Last of his kind

Bringer of death

Forever chained


January 5, 2012


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