The Fire of the Heavens

The Fire of the Heavens

As the Lord of the Heaven bows his head

His hair stretches across the sky

Lighting the clouds on fire

Burning curtains of yellow flames

Dancing across the blue sky

They sweep back and forth

Great waves of fire frozen

The essence of flames itself

Trapped in a glorious vision

Slowly, slowly he closes his eyes

The fire burns lower

Great orange tongues of fire

As the flames slowly ebb

The night comes

The smoke from the flames

Such power, such grace

Such a timeless wonder

Such a mighty force

He looks upon the cities of men

Their metal spires reach into the sky

He laughs at their weak attempt at glory

Their small buildings and short existents

What are a hundred years compared to a billion?

What are fifty stories compared to millions?

Yet in all that glory

It pales next to Him

Him who is the maker of all

Timeless, Majestic, Glorified

The Great Forger

The Great Artist

He is the one who lit the sky

Of the day and the night

With the fire of heaven

January 16, 2012


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