Friends on the road, Friends at home

Dear Readers,

Just finished chatting with a friend from back home. She is currently studying abroad in the United Kingdom. She is very excited and understandable. She is studying for journalism and getting a bigger view of the world. =]

She is the third friend of mine who is either currently, was, or will be studying abroad. It almost makes me want to go traveling. Maybe not as a student but just as a regular kid getting perspective on home. Of the other two friends who studied abroad, one just got back from studying in England and the other will be going to Israel in the Fall.

If I myself was going to go abroad, I would probably go to either Germany or Israel. Germany because of the castles and it being the birth place of modern warfare. Israel because of the birthplace of Jesus. These two places have caused such a long term influence on the world.

As for why I would go on a walk: Go on a walk with God. Just to find out what the future will hold… Clarity of mind, clarity of sight. Just go on a walk with God and get away from all the distractions I have in my mind at this time.



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