Photography and being a introvert

Dear Reader,

It has been a crazy week! However, I have been thinking about two things. The first is of photography and this year I have been taking so many photos of people! Normally, as you have seen, my subject matter is nature but this year I have been focusing more on the people. I am excited and looking forward to what the next school year may bring as far as photo opportunity go.

The other thing that has been on my mind is being an Introvert. Most people who meet me will see an outgoing person who talks a lot (at least, that is how I think other see me.) In truth, I behave more like an introvert. Now, I am not the one who runs in terror from people or stumbles over words but I do prefer a corner in the room to the center and enjoy the shadows caste by the limelight rather than the limelight.

For me, to be off by myself with a book or a sketch pad or a camera is one of the most relaxing thing to do. I love just observing others and watching the drama played out and not having to be caught up in the drama. I do not have to worry about others are thinking or interpreting or dealing with social expectations. It is also the one time where I can be me without fear of reprisal or condemnation.

But that’s just me,



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