Windows to the Soul

Dear Readers,

Windows to the soul.

That is what some call eyes.

I walked along today on at my college and I noticed the eyes of my fellow students. Some are bright, filled with youth and innocence. They have not encounter the heavy toll of life so they look forward with hope and excitement. Others are dark with blackness. Their eyes have seen the darkness and their soul has broken. Still some have light but their souls have been through hell. Their body carries the scars from battles they survived and their eyes look rearward.

Still other eyes, or windows, see past the surface and others barely see the surface. Those that can see only the surface, laugh lightly and move through life without noticing the pain and agony that flow around them. It is not their fault they do not see it. They simply have not encountered the pain or circumstances so they cannot recognize the signs.

Those that have dark eyes that have no light, despite eyes being reflected in the area, there is simply no light. They are either one of two (keeping in mind these are my own thoughts) individuals. One has been engulfed in darkness and have become lost in it. Their will to live has been destroyed or their grip released. Their circumstances have ill treated them. Others, they have embraced the darkness and enjoy it. For reasons that I cannot understand they have chosen to live in darkness.

The third. The third are the ones who have seen hell. These people have suffered through various pains and terrible circumstances. Though they still live, they see the darkness in the light. When they speak with friends and family, their eyes appear bright and cheery. But when their eyes look away and no one seems to see, their eyes grow distance and they see their life before them and see the subtle nuances that quietly tell the world their story. They read each tale and  understand the strangers and friends on a level that is both frightening and amazing. These are the hardest to get to know for they know every single method and wall to raise and what questions to avoid or answer cryptically without appearing to be cryptic.

Then again, I could be in error.
— Poetria


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