The camera and the mask

Dear Readers,

I recently watched “Chronicles” with some friends (A well made movie if I may say so). Afterwards, my friends and I talked about many aspects about the movie (from the characters to the motiffs used in the movie. One of the elements in the movie that arose from our discussion is Andrew’s camera. Which I am going to explain so that the rest of the blog makes sense:

(WARNING WARNING, spoiler alert! Or as River says it “Spoilers”)

In the move, Andrew first picked up his movie camera as a means of recording the world through his eyes. No matter the circumstances or what was happening, he always had his camera with him and most of the time it was running. After a point, his camera became the face people spoke to. Many thought it strange but after a while, his classmates accepted it as another odd thing about him. However, once he gained telekinesis, his camera became an extension of him. To a point where he did not have to manipulate it with his hands as he did with other objects. As one of the viewers of the movie,

I was able to see what Andrew was focused on by how the camera cropped the shot. From when he was rubbing thugs to saying sorry to Steve, the camera angle showed viewers that he was focused on the thugs or that he was focused on himself.

One of my friend did not understand what that camera meant to Andrew. I carry my photography camera around with me everywhere. Yes, many found it strange, or thought it was a purse, but after a while, most accepted it as it being a part of me. For me, my camera was an extension of my arm and eye.

I wanted to capture the moment (and avoid being in the camera shots) and remember it. I wanted to capture what the ‘photographer’s eye’ saw and show it to the world. And I guess it was also the symbol of what I was good at, my niche as it were.

For Andrew, his video camera was his shield, his wall, his mask, and his defense mechanism against the world. Whenever he was bullied, his camera was the focus of the attack, not him alone. Whenever those around him tried to talk to him, his camera was a way of throwing them off. Whenever he needed to escape the world, he did so by talking to his camera. When his powers grew in strength and power, it became his way of leaving the world behind.

I can understand what that camera became. Although not on the same level as Andrew, I use my camera to escape the world, to find the beauty in the mundane. My camera… it is me and I am it. It is like a violinist without his violin. It is like the singer without her voice or the baseball player without the baseball. It is something that carries a weight to the person’s individual that without it, the individual’s identity is no longer recognizable.

But then, this is just what I think about Andrew and his video camera,


— Poetria


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