Battles of Old

Battles of Old


Clouds weigh heavy

Like my heart,

Dark and ominous


Drop by drop

Their heavy burden

Falls gently to the ground


Drop by drop

My regret slips away

With each tear fall


A storm gathers without

A storm wars within

Water from without

Fire from within


A driving force

A death march

Passion’s life

A deadly force


What shall I do?

Strength unmatched

Life failing


Shall I stand and fight,

Or shall I yield and die

To the pain of past?


Through the storm

A light breaks through

An ever-widening beacon


Slowly the darkness fades

Slowly the rain stops

Slowly the clouds break


I raise my head

The fire slowly dies

Yet my resolve remains




The light touches my face

Drying tears

Encouraging life


The blue sky

Breaks through,

Bright and clear

A stunning sight


My Soul rises

From the darkness

Into which it had sunk
Life flows through me


Strength rises up
A smile tugs at my face

My steps become lighter
My shoulders straighter


I hold my head up high

I reach for my sword
For my enemies are before


They rush towards me

A dark wave

A single wave


The first falls

With a single swing

His cry silenced


Again and again

I swing and swing

Till the ground is covered

By the dead


A hundred in a minute

Two hundred in an hour

Till all have fallen

And all is silent


I walk slowly

Blades broken

Shields shattered

Banners torn


The day slowly ends

A brilliant fire

Upon horizon’s line


A brilliant end to

A blood filled day


I stare at the heavens

As darkness takes over
I have defended my family

I have defended my keep

I have defended my king

I have done my duty.


January 7, 2011



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