Worlds That Fail To Come

Unbidden thoughts and words fill my mind
Worlds unknown take shape in my dreams
I hear the song of unreal people
The terrors of wars never fought

And yet when I open my eyes
When I return to the waking world
The glorious worlds fade from sight
And the words I heard die in the light

I raise a pen to capture their hearts
My hearts races to remember their souls
But in the harsh day,
Under the burdens of life

My paper fails to save their message
My canvas lies void of their world
I scream in agony for I see their lives before my eyes
But I cannot bring their world into mine

Trapped behind a hidden wall
Silenced before unyielding tools
Their memories are sealed
Their stories withheld

Until such time comes
When their words will be welcomed
When their songs will be heard

August 14, 2012


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