Even In Silence, Volumes Are Spoken

Have you ever thought about what is left unsaid? Remember the last time someone asked you “How have you been?” and you answered with “I’m good” when you are really not?

For one day, I did not use any verbal words in conversations. It was interesting to see how many gestures I had to use to get my point across. From a single shake of the head to say a simple “no” to the multiple gestures in holding a conversation. After three failed attempts, I resorted to using a notepad.

It was fun to talk with my roommate and discovering how much we know each other or how two individuals from varied backgrounds use similar gestures to communicate. Well, understand since I was the one not talking and my roommate was able to talk.

It made me think: just what are we saying when we are not using our voice? The slight slump of the shoulders– does it mean that you are tired, heavy with thought, or hopeless? The tightening of the jaw, does it mean you have an ache or are you withholding a comment upon being offended? And what about the saying “Read between the lines” entail?
I challenge you for one day not to use your voice– maybe you find some interesting things about yourself and your friends.


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