Dear Readers,

As of late I have noticed that modesty has appeared on my Facebook news. In quiet reflection and conversation with friends I have come up with three things.

For guys, it is hard wired into our brains and hormones to spy out what we perceive as attractive. That varies from one individual to another individual. This attraction is normal. However, if we begin to focus on a specific part of the body such as the bust or rear, then we begin to cross the line into lust. We may find one part of the body more pleasing than another part (for me, it is the eyes) but if we stop seeing her and just the body part—that is lust. It is not the fault of the girl. It is the fault of the male. The girl can be swathed in the thickest blanket and opaque clothing and a guy can still lust after her. A boy/man can still imagine what the girl would look like naked or making dirty remarks.

For girls, it is the need to be appreciated and be more than just “she has a sweet personality.” Girls, from my understanding, want to be told that she is beautiful and attractive with complete sincerity behind the words. I understand this. However, women do need not to expose her cleavage, wear revealing clothing, and flaunt her body in order to attract attention. In fact, this will attract the wrong kind of guy, a male that is immature and in need of growing up. A young woman should wear clothing that compliments her and her body. If the guy is only seeing her legs or chest and nothing beyond, then he is not worth the time. In short, a girl should dress attractively.

For anyone’s interest. I believe one should appreciate the beauty found in women and guys—yes guys have beauty of their own—but that should not be the end all. One should not follow the media’s shallow standard of beauty. No one is that thin. No one is without flaw. If one dresses to simple reveal her body and look ‘sexy’, then that is wrong. If one stares at a girl’s body and say ‘I do her’ or ‘look at them [insert body part of interest]’ then that is wrong.

Then again, I am an imperfect human.


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