Forging Character

Dear Readers,

Katanas. Damascus blades. Broadswords. Sabers.

I enjoy learning about swords.

I recently came into ownership of a sword and was looking for at home training to use it. I happen to come across several sources for how to forge swords.

To forge a sword, a black smith would take raw ore and put it into a process to form an ingot. Once the ingot is formed, the smithy would then take it and begin to hammer it into the shape of a sword. The reason why a smithy would hammer the sword is to force out the impurities. The more impurities in the final sword, the more likely the weapon would break.

The process of making a sword would take days. After the sword is forged, it is not done. The blade needs to be sharpened. This is done by taking a metal piece and running it along the edge of the blade.

In much the same way, our own character undergoes the same process. Our ingot stage is what we learn as children while the hammering stage is life trails. To become better, the company we keep must sharpen us.

For me, I wish to become as strong as the weapons of old.


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