End of a Semester

Dear Readers,

It is hard to believe but another school semester has ended. Many of my friends are graduating. Some are entering the work field while others are applying to grad school.

For me, high school ended six years ago and I am amazed and awed by the changes in me. There has been good times and bad. Blessings have come during the droughts. I have learned lessons the hard way, made mistakes, and did the right thing.

There is a lot of decisions I wish I could take back and do it differently but at the end of the day, I would not change one thing.

Each choice I had made became a part of me. Either as something to cultivate or something to root out.

Out of all of it, I keep coming back to my three closest friends. Through it all they have been there. They have seen the bad and the good, helping me see straight and showing me where I had faltered.

I look forward now to the future and what treasures it holds and lessons to learn.

— Poetria


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