The Room

I remember
I remember the first time I saw you

You were young
It was your first year here
I was empty, void of life
An empty shell

You carried your books
Your clothes, your furniture
Wide-eyed and hopeful
Looking forward to the future

I watched over you
During your long nights
Of homework and sleep-overs
Your struggles and your peace

I watched you mature
I watch you during your heartbreaks
I watch you during your success
I cried for you, I cheered for you

Two years has past
You have dozens of souvenirs

Your choice of clothes and colors have changed
You are growing your hair out
You’re wiser now
You are growing up

Your classes have become harder
You’ve switched your major twice
But now you are happy
You found someone special

Exams and projects are piling up
You started drinking coffee
And now you have a job on campus
You may be tired but you are happy

You’ve covered my walls
In photos, notes, and papers
My floor has been deep cleaned twice
And you’ve locked yourself out three times

Now you groan because of a fire drill
You throw your clothes on
And grumble about hair dryers
I watch you leave with a happy chuckle

It is finished
Your last year here is over

Congratulations, you are engaged
You cannot stop grinning
A graduation gown stands in the corner
Projects sit completed

Your room now consists of two colors
Your conversations are deep and thoughtful
Your hair is cut short
And you have a real job

You slowly pack your bags
Saying goodbye to close friends
Realizing some of them you will never see again
Parents come in excited and sad

Slowly, bit by bit
Your belongings are carried away from me
There is a sadness and fondness in your eyes
You reminiscent with friends
Of the times you spent with me

I weep silently
For I will never be able to shelter you again

My body stands empty once more
No sign of life or anyone being here before
A layer of dust settles on my bare bones
I sigh in thoughtfulness

I look back and remember
Your silent cries out in desperation
Your cheers of joy at success
I wonder where you are now

I wonder if you remember me


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