We Dance

We Dance

By Nathan Lundeen

June 21, 2014


We slip through the night

Youth in our blood

Fire in our hearts

Laughter on our lips

Our hands slowly touch

Our eyes slowly meet

A song is heard

The stars begin to burn

So we dance

You and I

We move through the night

Watching the stars wheel about

Our hearts are light

Our feet is alight

Down the valley

Up on the mountain

By the river

Near the woods

We dance

You and I

Through the night

Beneath the moon

Upon the grass

By the river’s edge

The wind is in our hair

A song is in our heart

A smile on our lips

The light of heaven in your eyes

We dance

You and I

The night grows old

The world grows tired

Our feet slows

Our hair grows pale

The moon slowly sinks

The stars slowly fade

The river is silent now

The wind grows still

Yet we still dance

You and I


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