digital clock
Time is ticking away

Running running
Always running

Get dressed
Drink coffee

Go to class
Watch the time pass

Finish class go to the next
Can’t be late or miss the quiz

Take the notes
Time to leave

Running running
Gotta move faster

Fighting the crowd
Eating on the run

Time is money
No time to waste

Moving faster now
Goals to meet and dreams to make

Opportunities to seize
Friends to meet

Running running
Always running

No time to see the child crying
No time to hear the wind’s song

No time to notice a friend’s trial
No time to wonder at the sunrise

Running running
Always running

Missing the joy of the journey
Missing the memory of life

No time to be thankful
No time to be helpful

Gotta keep moving
Gotta stay on track

Chasing dreams
Following the sun

Running running
To the end.

What have we who hurried
To show for our running?


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