Writing ahead

My writing tool of choice, right after paper

I have written so many poems and started so many stories, long and short. But I never could quite finish them or be happy with them. I always wondered why but then I realize it.

I didn’t like how I was writing them. Or the characters were too plain or the plot was nonexistent and I was just wandering through the countryside.

Every year I keep learning something new, something better. The past writings are revised again and again. My style is updated and improved.

There was one point where I picked a font for my story’s title and I distinctly thought it was really cool. I look back now and I wince at my choice and wonder why I thought it was cool.

It has been a long nine years of learning to write and finding my own styles. I look forward to actually finishing some of the short stories I have tumbling around in my head this year!

The most important lessons I have learned in the past year is this:

1) Pick a genre and stick with it.
2) Keep it simple.
3) Give your characters flaws.
4) Draw on your own life experiences.

I can’t wait to see what I will learn this year!


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