Giving Up to Succeed

As I near the end of my college life, I have begun to think in earnest about what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I want to do something with computers and cameras. At the same time, I also want to write an original novel. I ponder how I will accomplish my dreams and then I realize something.

I have to give up in order to succeed.

I have to give up video games in order to write stories. I have to give up Netflix so that I can write. The list goes on and on with what I have to give up in order to succeed in writing a novel.

To be honest, I am a bit terrified of giving up what I like to do for fun but at the same time I want to reach new heights. For a while, I was happy to just coast through life.

Now, I want my dreams. I’m becoming hungry for my dreams.

So that is the question: what am I willing to pay for my dreams?

In most cases, it is not a permanent sacrifice. It is a choice of when to do it. Do what most people do on Friday nights and delay the dreams I hold or go for the dream.

I look back and into the history of great people and I wonder what they had to give up to achieve fame and-or dream? Thomas Edison with his light bulb. The Wright Brothers and mastering the sky? Albert Einstein? Emma Watson?

How hungry were they for their dreams?

What about the great sports figures? And the actors and actress who perform in front of audiences and cameras? What did they trade for their dreams?

How many nights out with the girls? Pick up game of basketball with guys? How many televisions shows did they miss in order to sharpen their skills as actors? How many long nights did they spend studying science?

Now, I wonder what I must give up in order to succeed.

And will I be hungry enough for my dreams to let them go?


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