On that first day I met you
I stammered and blustered
I mumbled, “I love you”

Than ran for the hills.

At the end of our first date
After I spilled your drink
I muttered, “I love you”

Then tripped over the sidewalk.

When the day came
And we left school behind
I whispered, “I love you”

I got in my car and left my heart behind.

On the day we met again
I saw you for you
I whispered, “I love you”

Then I got lost in your eyes.

When that day comes
And we tie the knot
I’ll whisper, “I love you”

When our first child comes
When our thousandth argument comes
I’ll tell you, “I love you”

Then keep you up all night with my snoring.

On that day when we part ways
When all has been said and done
I’ll write on our tomb, “I love you”

Note: this was written as an expanded version of I Love You. The original was written to enter into a drawing. This one is an expanded version intended to be deeper and have more depth to it.


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