Fallen Beauty

orange leaf beyond a cage
A broken leaf holds the beauty of time

Why is it that we see the broken things just that—broken. Things to be thrown away and forgotten. Things to be replaced with brand new and undamaged versions. But what if they still had beauty?

What if their beauty came from their damages?

Have you ever seen the sun rise through the broken shards of colored glass? Have you watched the morning dew sit on a fallen log?

Or watch a leaf crumble and break when it strikes the ground.

I look at the world around me and I see broken beauty everywhere.

In the old and ancient buildings I see the broken glass and bleached walls. In the ancient car that creaks and rumbles pass. I see it in the old dog that limps along.

But most of all, I see it in the people that pas by, I see the pain and hurt in the people who walk past me. Each one has a story to tell and hurts carried on their shoulders.

Their eyes are filled with unspoken words. You can tell as their sight looks beyond the present and into their minds that something is weighing on his mind.

Could it be that their pain and past has given them wisdom?

It reminds me of a sculptor and his statue. The sculptor scrapes away and carves away the stone to reveal what is within. Each strike is damaging the stone but the strike also creates the statue within.

You are not damaged beyond repair.

You are a hidden treasure.


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