Pushing Beyond

Pushing Beyond

Recently, one of my professors did not accept what I submitted. He did not accept it because the submission failed to meet the parameters. He did not accept it because he knew I could do better.

I did not put much effort or time into the submission because I wanted that time to be spent in other classes. Now I am stepping back and redoing the work because I want to.

Because I want my submission to be better.

The material fell well below my classmates and it irked me that I decided that the work I did was acceptable.

It made me think about what I consider to be good work. The more I go along life, the more I realize that I have to make choices.

To go play basketball with friends or sit down and work on my blog. Would I rather play video games or wander around campus for photographs.

I am twenty-five years old and working to find who I am. I want more in life. I want to go out and have an adventure for my life.

For the first time I have a dream and a list of things I want to accomplish before my passing. It is exciting but it is also frightening.

Exciting because those dreams and goals are starting to drive my actions and give my life direction.

Frightening because I have to step beyond the comfort zone and leave friendships behind.

I hope that I have the courage to keep pushing myself beyond.


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