Summer’s Challenge

Finals are done!

And college is put on pause for three months. At least for me. I was thinking about how to prepare for my last year of college. With only three months, I do not have a lot of time but I did come up with a few ideas.

There are two sets of challenges that I want to finish by the end of the summer: college and personal.

For college

  • Finish my internship
  • Complete a WordPress theme
  • Learn the basics of the French language

For personal:

  • Learn to play the piano
  • Complete an original lamp design
  • Get stronger in my faith

The drive behind my challenges is to make myself grow spiritually, physically and mentally.

Three months. Three months to get everything done before college picks back up. At first, it really made me think that I bit off way too much! Then I realized that I could do it if I keep up on it by taking it one day at a time and use schedules to keep on track.

So here to my last summer as a college student and a summer of finding myself!


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