A Quick Note

double rainbow
Yes– that is a double rainbow. I am very happy.

What a crazy week! I am in an internship as part of my college degree. This internship has allowed me to take part in several children camps. This week is a camp in New Mexico (and yes, I did immediately think of Aliens and UFOs).

This particular camp has given me three things brought to my mind.

trees on a mountain

First: I really love photography. Since coming to the mountains, I have taken over five hundred shots. Most of them are useful. I am also becoming aware of a great love for the forest and quiet of the “wilderness”. There is something about being in the woods that makes me happy.

white clouds

The second thing I realized that this internship has narrowing the field I want to take part in. I can see that I will not be happy in a job where I am sitting in a chair for the entire day under a lot o stress. I need the sun and be active. To think that I would be sitting still and not moving for most of a day… is quite dreadful.

The last thing I have learned is myself. Like many people in the world, I do not know what I want or where I want to end up. I do not like heights unless I trust the zip line or scaffolding.

I hope you are finding out more about yourself and what you want to do with your life this summer.

See next week when I have more time to post!


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