Of Fleas and Art

original art piece
This is an original art piece by my friend Danielle Sistrunk.

I had the opportunity this past weekend to visit a flea market with a friend of mine. It was my first flea market and art market. Although I did not know what to expect, I grabbed my camera and went with a curious heart.

It was a lot of fun and I got to see all kinds of art and different things people were selling. From live chickens to Transformer toys, the market had a lot of stuff. They even had some smart phone cases for sell.

booths and stands for selling of goods
Texas Flea Market

It was really warm out but the crowds were strong with kids, families, and couples wandering around the stalls. Among the crowd were fellow sellers.

My friend also worked on an original art piece while we were there. The piece turned out amazing full of color and imagery.

working on an original painting
Because I am not sure if she wants me to show it, I’ll just let you imagine it

Among the visitors to the booth was this little guy:

cicada perched on a display case

Never made a peep but just sat on a display case for the longest time. Sometimes I wish I would be able to chill there and just watch the day go by without worry about work and what not.

cicada watching life go by


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