A Boy and His Stars

boy looking up at starsThe boy looked up and wondered where he was.

Years ago he had dreams and hopes. To be a photographer. To be a hero.

Now he wasn’t sure what to do.

Four years of college and twelve years of schooling and the boy had no idea what to do. He had a degree but no job. He had resources but he had no dreams.

So he stands here.


star filled night

The stars shown brightly as the boy stands outside. A thousand thoughts, a thousand worries fill his mind. He screamed into the night sky. The boy listened to the last echo die away with a bowed head. After what seemed like an eternity, he looked up at the sky. For the first time in a long time, he felt wonder.


From horizon to horizon, he saw stars. Large and small. Bright and dull. Blue, green, and red. The stars burned brightly.

He felt wonder and peace fill his soul.

Then he realized something. He had been so caught up with school work, finding a job, and looking for a way to pay off college loans that he had forgotten what it was to live life. To see the wonder in the world.

He half remembered reading in a library that most of the stars he saw were a long time ago. That the stars were glimpse into the past.

So he stood still and looked at the heavens.

boy standing on the road under night sky

He realized that his troubles, although as great as they appeared, would eventually pass by and life continued on.

As his watch chimed out the hour, he slowly got back in his car. He felt refreshed and ready to get back into it. Although his circumstances had not changed, he felt different.

He quietly drives through the night back to his home, ready to go at it again.

star field night sky


Thank you for reading. This is a little experiment with writing  short stories on my blog.


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