Free Fall

Standing on the edge
Looking down at the ground
So far away
So far down

I’m at the beginning
The end is so near
Yet so far away
I hold one foot over the edge

The first day of class
The last day of summer
Excitement building
Nerves rising

I hurl myself from the edge
Falling from such a great height
Heading to the ground
Where a diploma waits

The bell has rung
Now I’m free falling
Down, down, down
To the ground

Falling so fast
My breath is taken away
What a thrill on this journey
Falling far and falling fast

I see the end now
A stage with light
A man holding gilded paper
Still so far but so much closer

The end is near
Coming up quicker than a thought
Now I’m falling
Leaving behind all the fear

I’m falling now
Falling fast
Falling down
To the end of college


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