Being Smart

A few days ago I went to get a haircut because my hair resembled a bush which has gone wild and taking over my head.

So off I went to get it pruned and trimmed back.

While I was at the hair cut shop, I was talking to the hair stylist. She asked me if I was going to college and I said yes.

Then she replied “I’m not smart enough for college”.

And that, my friend, bothers me a great deal. This young woman who could get my hair to calm down and understands how hair act said she wasn’t smart. And it is not true. Each of us,in our own way, has intelligence and talents.

If you ask a physicist to help a graphic designer create a poster, the physicist would struggle and create some poor designs. Is the physicist dumb? No. The physicist has not been trained or have talent in that particular field.

Now reverse it. What if the graphic designer was asked to solve an equation to get a rocket to Mars? The designer would be lost in the first steps. Is the designer dumb? No. The designer just has a different set of skills.

So the next time you call someone dumb, think about it. And what you are saying to that person. Each of us has skills and talents that others do not.

And if you get called dumb– reject it.

Ignore it and remember your skills.

It is a struggle. For myself, it has taken almost a decade to realize that I have moved beyond the status of an amateur photography and I am well on my way to becoming a practician.


2 thoughts on “Being Smart

  1. Mel October 12, 2015 / 18:58

    Well said. :)

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