Moving Forward

Last Wednesday I was flipping through Facebook and looking at several steampunk artworks and was amazed by them. It made me wonder about all the worlds that have been written and drawn. I wished I could be like them, writing amazing worlds and drawing images for them.

But then I thought, why not?

Immediately my mind came up with counters: you are in your mid-twenties and far too old. People who are skilled in this have been working for multiple years. If you were really passionate about this, then you would have been working at it since you were a little child.

But this is what I realized.

If I want to become a writer then I must write. If I want to be a artist then I must draw. Both requires practice but age is not a factor. The only thing stopping from moving forward is accepting that it is too late to become skilled at something.

Recently I told a friend that I was “a jack of all trade and a master of none”. It made me sad but I thought that is what I could be. This is a lie. I could become a master but it requires the investment of time, dedication, and a willingness to keep learning.

This means saying no to watching television or gaming. This means keeping a little book on me to write down ideas and doodle sketches.

But I think it is worth taking the chance.

Some people would ask “what if you fail?” or “what if you don’t succeed?” And they would be correct but as a dear friend once said, if it’s worth the risk then you will chase it. And I am going to chase it.

I don’t know if I’ll succeed or if I’ll fail but there is only one way to find out. By doing it.


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