A New Beginning

It has been a crazy time since I posted. I have been caught up with homework, projects, and now I am wading through the fun part of finding a job after college.

I am not sure where I will go but I know I will end up somewhere.

As a student who is leaving college, Bilbo’s words come to mind. If I don’t watch my feet, I may end up somewhere and not know how I got there. But on the other hand, maybe that is what I need.

A little spontaneity. A little unexpectedness.

For me, fear has always caution me from running into things without thinking. And it has served me well. However, this has also held me back from finding the new things and living life.

And maybe I need a little less caution and a little more surprise.

But I do not mean complete wild abandon. A more willingness to try something new, to initiate an adventure instead of allowing myself to be pulled along.

I saw a Facebook post where they said “2015 was character development. This means 2016 is adventure.” I hope this is true.

And I look forward to it.


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