I sit here and look at the calendar. The date of the end of my college career makes me feel like I am dying. So much of what I am familiar with is ending. Classes, schedules, professors, and campus environments. It scared me, a lot. To think that my life is ending.

I won’t have the weekends free or the random call to meet somewhere to chat at the bookstore. I won’t be able to skip classes anymore or gossip about the professors. And I won’t be able to get discounts at the fast food joints.

It made me really sad and I want to stay in college for as long as I can. However, my department counselor will drag me across the stage to get my diploma.

This leaves me with the choice now. How to look at the end of my college career. A lot of the times I think I am dying in a way.

However, tonight I realize that I am not dying– I’m being reborn.

Much like the Phoenix, I am dying. Everything that I was is disappearing and I am starting something new. First real job. First real apartment. First real bill. The list goes on and on.

Sure, there will be bills and hair pulling moments coming my way but they are new and not to be feared. Which is something I will need to tackle head on.

I’ll make mistakes but I’ll learn.

I’ll find myself in new places and I’ll grow.

I’m not dying. I’m being reborn.


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