One Last Week

This is it.

My final week. The week of many lasts. Last week of college. Last week of going to classes. Last week of mad studying before the exam. Last week of complaining about doing homework. Last week of scrambling to get packed and moved for the summer.

And yes it does make me sad that I closing a chapter on my life. For me, it has been nearly seven years of college thanks to transfers and other circumstances. Yet looking back on my college career, I would not change much. Maybe study more here and there. Or be more confident in my skill sets.

Then I am greeted a new thought: This is also the week of firsts.

First job hunt for a “big person’s job”. First consideration of looking for an apartment that is not related to an university. The first week of a new chapter in my life.

I do not know what this new chapter may bring but I do know this. I will use what I learn in college, both in classes and in relationships, to establish myself on this new adventure.

Or I’ll be back to get my masters! :D


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