Being Old Enough

Yesterday I was reading the book Star Wars X-Wing: Starfighters of Adumar by Aaron Allston. In the story, the character Wedge Antilles said the following:

“you’re always going to be too young for something important to you, too old for something else, and the timing is just not going to be right for a third set of things. That’s life, and you can make yourself crazy by dwelling on that. Or you can figure out what you are the right age for, and what the timing is right for, and celebrate those things. Where do you suppose happiness lies?”

The quote got me thinking: how much time do we waste thinking about stuff we can’t do?

I know I’ve done that, especially right now in my season of post-college. Right now I want to go see friends out of state, move into my own place, and have my own internet! But I can’t. The timing isn’t right. When I was younger, I wanted to be old enough to sign my own permission slip or go on the big rides (by the way, not worth getting older for. Just saying).

I guess this is a reminder to trust in God and be happy in the moment. Not necessarily be completely at peace or content to stay as is but find the stuff that I can do.

I can’t own my own place but I can write and work on projects. I can’t afford my own internet but I do have books I can read and movies I can watch. I can’t drive to see friends in person right now but I can send them Facebook messages.

I really don’t want to be the one who looks back on their life and realizes that I spent so much time being anxious for things that I wasn’t old enough or had the time for that I didn’t enjoy the stuff I could. Or worse, find myself to enjoy the stuff I could have done back then.

So here is to enjoying and doing the stuff I can. The rest will come into play when I can do them. If not, well then there is something better for me to do.


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