World of Pain

Yesterday I jumped onto Facebook and cruised all the news feeds. My bright and happy morning quickly became a gray mush of sadness.

And yes, that is a terrible use of the English language but it sums it up.

From fans lamenting the loss of Christina Grimmie and the 50 who died in Florida and the arguments on either side of the gun point. Past those posts I read about pervy old men hurting children and young women being objectified as young as twelve. Over all, this world is in a heap of trouble.

Add to the mix are people’s actions. From a random guy purposely trying to spray water at a kid walking alongside the road to the people who are ripping each other apart on comments.

So today, when you have the choice to rip someone a new one or use your words to treat another cruelly, don’t.

Just don’t.

The world is sad enough without people going out of the way to hurt others.

If you can’t offer a kind word then don’t say anything. Just smile and acknowledge the person.

For the people who are not strangers, the people you count as friends or family. Be kind to them. Don’t expect anything back but don’t lash back to make yourself feel better. If they’re still hurting you, maybe it’s time to let them go.

So today, be kind.


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