I recently watched an episode of Flash and one of the characters, Joe, made this statement: “Being scared is good. Scared is what keeps us alive.” (more or less). And there is a measure of truth to it. Fear is a part of caution, keeps us from doing stuff that are utterly stupid in most cases. Examples: running in front of cars to see how fast you are. Or trying to ride on the edge of a car.

Fear keeps us aware of possible dangers.

But scared also prevents us moving forward.

Scared keeps us where we are. Scared keeps us from facing what we need to. Whether it is facing the chance of failing or stepping into a new chapter of life, fear can ruin it. Fear and being scared keeps us from learning how to ride a bike or apply to jobs. Fear keeps us rooted in places that we don’t like because we fear the unknown.

But think about all the things that would have changed if fear was allowed to dominate.

The first time an entire city was powered by electricity, the practice run failed. Do you think they would have succeeded if the fear of failure controlled them? What about the Wright brothers and their flying machine? Do you think the fear of death by a mad machine flickered across their heart?

Probably so but they choose not to let fear try something new: flight.

In my personal life, I have realized that fear forms the base of many of my choices. I stay cautious and keep to the well tread because I fear failure, fear making a mistake.

And I for one am tired of being afraid.

Easier said then done as they saying goes but I will step out and fight against my fear. For me, I will ask myself if my choice is being driven by fear or not. And if it is, I will step back and approach the decision from another angle.

And to those of you who are also afraid, you are not alone.

So here is to stepping forward, acknowledging our fear but not letting it hobble our steps.


2 thoughts on “Scared

  1. Brittney June 29, 2016 / 23:09

    Good write. I definitely relate. One part of me is take no prisoners. Yet the other is constantly living in the zone of being fearful. Same fears. Fear of failure, being a disappointment, fear of falling. I like things that are predictable and comforting, so I don’t have to experience the aforementioned. Slowly but surely this past semester I have been trying to not stay in the scared zone as much.

    • Poetria June 30, 2016 / 21:53

      Thank you! And I agree, doing the same thing each semester or day is safe and has a very low risk value. It also keeps one from moving forward. I hope this coming semester finds you reaching new heights and conquering your fear!

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