Night Owl Post

a cartoon design of a gray owl
A quick little art piece that I made for this post. I call him Alfie.

Wow! First week where I got a post in on time! Let the celebration commence with Doctor Pepper and cookies!

This week I have come to the realization that I do my best creative work late at night, around one o’clock in the morning. While a part of me is happy that I can once again write, design, and create other art forms, I wish it would be earlier than one in the morning!

I do try to get my work done earlier and be in bed before midnight but then I lose track of time and boom, it is two in the morning.

I do find it interesting though that many creative people I have met so far do a lot of their work late at night. From musicians to writers, their creativity clicks on at night.

Do you fall into this pattern?

My main reason why I am up so late at night is because I am working on some original stories! After having writer’s block for more than two years, I am just writing away. Which I will be doing tonight.

Here to all of us who work best late at night!


4 thoughts on “Night Owl Post

  1. luv86elle July 12, 2016 / 22:03

    I am so much more alert at night…even during high school I would finish all my projects and study at night I realized that my best work comes when the sun is down and everyone else is asleep. aka there’s no one awake to distract me.

    • Poetria July 12, 2016 / 22:33

      I understand that. I was like that in college and still am post college. I noticed many others, particularly the creative minded ones, tend to work really well between the hours of one and five in the morning.

      • luv86elle July 12, 2016 / 22:35

        I agree…sucks though because I feel all the motivation to workout during these odd hours as well…which doesn’t work since everyone is asleep.

        • Poetria July 13, 2016 / 12:37

          Oh, well you just answered a question I always had: why are some gyms open at odd hours. I think that is why I liked living on the main floor next to the hallway– less people to accidentally wake up.

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