Fourth of July

red fireworks exploding in the night sky
Near my place of current resident, the city lit the fuses for some early fire works. I was able to catch them.

Amongst the blast of thunder and flames burning high the sky, let us recall what the Fourth of July is.

It is not aliens launching attacks on our world or the unhealthy consumption of hot dogs, popcorn, and deep fried chicken.

It is not the rush to swim in pools or get ice cream and cotton candy with family and friends.

A village’s worth of men stood on green fields one day because the British, hearing of their stock pile of muskets and powder, were coming. The two sides faced each other. Though history debates whether it was an exchange of gunfire or a massacre, the conflict between these New Englanders choose to fight for the chance of their own nation.

In the short time that our nation existence, our nation has impacted the world. We have been a major power in two world wars and landed men on the moon. We have been responsible for breaking the back of the Soviet Union and air lifting food and supplies for the city of West Berlin.

In fact, our flag represents our history. Fifty stars to represent each state. Thirteen stripes to represent each of the original states.

So today, spend a moment and reflect all that the United States have been through. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Measure the leaders of each age.


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