With everything that is going on, from the trouble on Korean soil to the fires forming in American cities, it is easy to pick a side and tear into the opposing sides.

As much as I value the ability to voice one’s opinions and holding true to one’s beliefs, it cannot be done with disrespect from the start. Which brings me to the title of this post: respect.

We seem, as a single race, have lost that regard.

Everyone deserves a measure of respect, default respect if you will. They are fellow humans with their own damages, history, pain, and success. In addition, some have some position of authority or status within a society and therefore have positional respect. Examples, the doctor, the mother, or security officer. Not to say those without position are to be treated lower, they still have the respect given as fellow humans.

But at the same time, greater respect must be earned. If I am a king who kicks a child, then I lose what respect my position gained me and as a human. If I am a poor man who rushes into the water to save a drowning mother, then I have earned respect. I like to call this action respect. Physical actions, not just words, of how one treats others.

In addition to the default, position, and action respects, there is something very important to consider: individuals versus groups. A group may have a theme or a tendency but to mark all by the same paint of brush is fool hardy. Humanity is made up of vast and dynamic people. Even within a single family of four can you find diverse personalities.

And with everything, there can be a few good apples in a basket of bad ones and bad apples in a good basket. Yes, if there is a bad group, be on your guard but if someone shows the potential not to follow that crowd, then greet them and a be a positive influence.

Maybe these are the ravings of an individual  who wishes to see the world as it is not nor it can never be. I can still walk this world as the basis of my life.


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