Friends and Frustration.


As of late, most of my efforts have been going into writing and into job hunting. Both of which is going no where fast, if you know what I mean.

My writing feels like it has been reset. I don’t know because I got out of college and don’t have any homework punching my brain into oblivion or it is because I read a few books, physical books, that have released me from my two year long reader’s block. Regardless of which it is, I am extremely happy that I am writing once again.

Speaking of college, I am in the middle of a job hunt. Over 70 applications and little show for it. Although I am frustrated so with the current state of things, I am encouraged by my friends. Despite what they have been going through personally, they have found words of encouragement for me to keep going with the hunt and have faith that something will turn up.

In light of this, two different thoughts flutter through my mind. The first is about other writers who just started out. Did they have rough seasons or moments of “why am I doing this?”. The second is, “How precious are friends who will stay with you”.

Doubt is a dangerous thing, it seems to be. A weed that can easily crush and choke out motivation. If you have friends who help you keep that doubt in check– be it family or friends –keep them close to you and thank them.

Well, that is it for this post. Back to the grindstone for job hunt and writings!

Good luck to those who are walking this path beside me!


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