Stepping Out.

In recent weeks it has become a challenge for me to look ahead with hope. Life hasn’t gone exactly as planned after college. I don’t have a solid job or my own place. I am not moving forward into the world and making massive changes to the media industry as I thought I would be doing a year ago.

With that staring me in the face, I have become worried that I am not ready to be an adult and do the adult thing of living and being productive members of society. That line of thought just snowballed and I wondered if I did the right thing all those prior years before me. Doubt started eating away at me.

But then my friend sent this message to me:

“Don’t get stuck because you’re too afraid to step out.”

I thought about what she said and she was right.

I was going to settle for a job that I didn’t go to college for  because it was easier than chasing after my dreams. I wanted a simple job because I knew then I would have a steady job and be safe with income and paying off loans. But I wouldn’t be happy with my lot in life.

I wasn’t stepping out to do what I set out to do because I was afraid. I was holding back to avoid the pain of fighting life’s obstacles. I feared that the challenges would stronger than me. I feared that I would fail and be a disappointment.

I was willing to get stuck at a job  because of my fear.

No inventor has succeeded without taking risk. No scientist found a great discovery by avoiding the failures of experiments.

For me, stepping out means getting a job to secure a form of income. To have confidence who I am and believe that I do know what I am doing. Not getting stuck is to continue to apply myself. Instead of shying away from jobs that I want but don’t have skills for, I will chase them while getting the skills to do that job.


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