Here we are again!

Another Wednesday in a long line of Wednesday. It is an interesting part of the year– young adults are beginning their very first semester in college or high school. Others are entering their last college semester.  And then there are us who are trying to get into the first semester of a full time job. Or more popularly known as a big person job!

Although I am happy for my friends who are successfully getting through and landing their jobs, it is a struggle to keep my own spirits up. I cannot say “I am one of them. I have a job.” And that does weigh on me.

And yes, I heard it all. Your job is coming. Just wait. You’ll get there. Keep applying, something will turn up.

All of which is very helpful and true but sometimes it can be very hard to accept. There are moments I just want to curl up in bed and not move. But that will not help me forward or prepare me to get a job. Instead of sitting on my hindquarters, I am going to work.

I am going to use my time. From writing an original book to entering writing contests and creating personal videos, I am going to make myself productive.

Here to all of you starting new chapters in your lives: good luck. Stay the course and trust to your true friends and true family.

Good luck!


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