Since I am having trouble figuring out what to post, I think I’ll just run with two questions: 1) what serves as your inspiration? 2) Can you force your own inspiration to work?

Being inspired

I am curious as to what acts as your inspiration, or your muse if you will. Is it late nights or reading a book? A bowl of cereal or watching the clouds dance in the sky?

For me, it is late nights and being in the right mood. Emotions seems to drive my writing and creativity. Otherwise I just stare at whatever medium I happen to be using for an hour or so waiting for something to click in my little noggin.

Often times I go to bed without something being written.

Which is also equally annoying as being uninspired.

Forcing Inspiration

I cannot switch inspiration on as if it is a switch. Instead, I have to wait and let it come to me. If I try to force inspiration to come, the end result isn’t very good. But hey, if it works, it works, right?

Can you force inspiration? If so, how do you do it and what is the end result?


As the words of one my friends posted on Facebook, you just have to write words. I have to agree, she is right. Sometimes you just have to scribble away or type away and see what happens. It is annoying to try to find your groove, it is a necessary thing.

And yes, this post does fall under forced inspiration.


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